Finding the Gift in the Wound

Expecting happiness all the time does not make sense.  Into every life, a little excrement must fall.  We react to this.  We are human, not Stepford Wives or Husbands.

We need to take the time to grieve our losses, feel our anger, and let these emotions flow through us.  If we don’t, we get blocked – stuck in depression or chronic anger.

What if, when we received a blow, we grieved it appropriately?  What if we allowed ourselves to be angry with God and with our fellow man?  What if we learned how to deal with anger in an appropriate way, not acting out destructively?

What if then we were able to take the wound and to reframe it, as a blessing?  What if we were able to sort through the pile of manure and find the gold nugget at the bott


What if we were able to see the pain as an initiation, much like that which is inflicted intentionally by a shaman upon young people in indigenous cultures, preparing them for adulthood?  What if the pain were to signal a mini death of one phase of our lives, opening us up to what comes next?  What if the journey of anguish were allowed to lead us into the next level of our empowerment and growth?

Imagine if we could live in a world where we could truly embrace the idea that there are no mistakes, simply opportunities for growth?

What if we could come out the other side of our dark night of the soul, and be grateful for the journey and the transition into greater wholeness and wisdom?

How would that change everything?

What if we could find a way to benefit from the betrayal of a lover, the loss of a marriage, the loss of a job?   What if we could change from victim to hero in our own personal life drama?  It is through the cracks in our hearts that the light shines.  After all, a life well lived is the best revenge.