Anger Management

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Do you put up with bad situations until you just can’t take it any more?
  • Do you blow up at co-workers or loved ones frequently?
  • Do you bottle your real feelings up to be nice, and occasionally explode?
  • Do you, rather than exploding at others, turn anger inward as depression or self-harming behaviors?
  • Do you seethe with frustration? Or have you just shut down?
  • Can you feel a knot in your stomach or your blood pressure mounting when something is bothering you?
  • Do you think that you should never feel anger at all?


Can you imagine yourself like this instead?

  • Able to express yourself appropriately when triggered by others.
  • Able to set boundaries, without feeling guilty
  • Able to connect with the underlying feelings of hurt or sadness that anger may be covering up.
  • Able to recognize the gift of anger, and not feel shame surrounding the fact that you, too, are a human being who experiences human emotions.
  • Able to use the energy of anger to evaluate situations and make changes when necessary.